Inflated prices for old children’s books via the OP market

Inflated prices for old children’s books via the OP market
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It turns out that our Teaching Resources Center has been holding back a select number of deaccessioned children’s books that they have checked availability and prices for on the OP market via the Internet, and have (what I believe) a mistaken belief that these books have some kind of commercial value. I asked for a sample and found that indeed, there are listings out there for some of these books that really are out of sight. (At least one title has a copy available going for $900+ .)

I would like to convince my colleagues that they are not sitting on a gold mine. Even if some of their ex-library copies are valuable, we are not allowed by our state to sell these materials directly.

But really, the main point I want to get across to them is that usually there are many other copies available at lower prices and that dealers offering high priced items are simply hoping for some sucker to come by and buy at the higher price because they are looking for something special. Ex-library copies have no business being at the high end unless there is simply nothing else available, and most of time this is not the case.

I would appreciate it those from the trade would be willing to weigh in on this situation.

Even those within our own ranks need educating about these matters at times!


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